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iRisk, Zycus’ Supplier Risk and Performance Management Software

We keep your business safe

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iRisk, Zycus’ 360° supplier risk and performance maanagement software provides organizations with the ability to identify, monitor, and manage supplier risks across all their vendors. From tracking potential threats to assessing compliance requirements, our software helps organizations make informed decisions and ensure maximum efficiency in procurement processes.

iRisk: A Comprehensive View

iRisk A Comprehensive View

iRisk helps with

Building Responsible Procurement

It provides information and tools needed to assess, monitor, and improve supplier performance. By working collaboratively with your suppliers and using data-driven insights, organizations can build a more sustainable and ethical supply chain.

Driving Supply Chain Resiliency

Driving Supply Chain Resiliency

It provides real-time visibility into supplier activities, enabling proactive risk mitigation, facilitating rapid response to disruptions, and improving collaboration with suppliers, thus ensuring resilient and transparent supply chains.

Mitigating Reputational Risk

Mitigating Reputational Risk

It provides visibility into supplier activities and helps identify potential risks & ways to mitigate them. By proactively identifying and addressing potential risks, organizations can protect their reputation and maintain the trust of their stakeholders.

The Zycus differentiator...

Disparate, point solutions vs. fully integrated, 360* risk visibility
The Zycus differentiator


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