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Indirect Procurement Software Power by Merlin GenAI

Conquer Complexity, Gain Control: AI simplifies global indirect procurement
Indirect Procurement

Optimize Spend, Streamline Processes, and Generate Hidden Savings All on a Single Integrated Platform

Designed for large, global enterprises, Zycus Indirect Procurement delivers unmatched visibility, automation, and intelligence
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89 end-user companies gave Zycus an overall 4.4 out of 5 in the Procure-To-Pay Suites category on Gartner Peer Insights as of Oct 2023.

Our Marquee Clientele

Why Zycus Indirect Procurement Software?


Unified Global Platform

Multilingual support, multi-currency functionality, and global compliance ensure seamless operations across your entire organization


Tail Spend

AI-powered tail spend management identifies and consolidates low-dollar purchases for better negotiations and streamlined procurement

Seamlessly Integrated E Procurement

Intelligent Spend Engines

Utilize Zycus’ AI-powered engines for unrivaled spend classification and analytics, offering deep insights and cost-saving opportunities across categories

Master Indirect Spend Management with Zycus - The Smarter Procurement Solution

Effortless Visibility and Control

Effortless Visibility and Control

  • Gain real-time insights into global indirect spend across categories, departments, and subsidiaries
  • Identify and consolidate tail spend for maximized savings
  • Enforce budget management, spending controls with automated workflows and approval matrices
Unmatched Cost Optimization

Unmatched Cost Optimization

  • Merlin AI offers cognitive analytics to identify cost-saving opportunities
  • Automate routine tasks like purchase orders, invoice processing, and payments for increased efficiency
  • Leverage Zycus Supplier Network and Catalogs to promote self-service and competitive pricing
Next-Level Risk Management

Next-Level Risk Management

  • Mitigate risks with automated controls and real-time monitoring for fraudulent activities and supplier disruptions
  • Merlin Assist with GenAI capabilities offers guided procurement ensure adherence to internal policies, regulatory requirements, and supplier performance standards
Dynamic Financial P&L Interlink

Dynamic Financial P&L Interlink

  • Gain financial clarity with Zycus’ procurement-finance interlink tools, reflecting the real impact on your P&L statements
  • Directly link procurement initiatives with financial outcomes for transparent budgeting and forecasting
Unmatched User Experience

Unmatched User Experience

  • Merlin Assist offers conversational UI on MS Teams for a smooth experience across all departments and user groups
  • Organically built and natively integrated modules ensure seamless data orchestration and consistent UX

A Legacy of Innovation in Indirect Procurement

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Zycus covers the full scope of indirect procurement needs, from analytics to execution.

Facilitates enhanced cross-functional collaboration for agile procurement operations.

Integrates Generative AI to bring innovative indirect procurement solutions, setting a new industry standard.

Key Features

Agile Organizational Adaptability

Experience swift time-to-market and improved services with Zycus' agile management approach.

Intelligent Workflows and Process Automation

Empower procurement with Zycus' automated workflows, reducing manual efforts and fostering strategic focus.

Best-in-class Procurement Practices
Benchmark against industry best practices, enabling value capture through rigorous RFPs and clean-sheet analyses.
GenAI at the Core of Indirect Procurement
Embrace the future of procurement with GenAI, and turn your procurement department into a powerhouse of efficiency and innovation.


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Best Practices Driving Procure-to-Pay Efficiency
Managing Procure to Pay Risks with the Right Mix of Processes and Technology

Success Stories

3 Legendary Stories of Procure-to-Pay Transformation
3 Legendary Stories of Procure-to-Pay Transformation
Zycus’ Procure-To-Pay Suite Purifies Procurement Processes of Australia’s Trusted Water Utilities Provider
Zycus Purifies P2P Processes of Australia’s Trusted Water Utilities Provider
Eproc Ss Thumb
European Hotel Group Increases Productivity with Zycus P2P


Zycus simplifies indirect procurement software through its Merlin Gen AI platform which offers:
1. Unmatched Visibility: A clear view of the entire indirect spend across departments, subsidiaries, and categories. Enables identification and consolidation of tail spends for better negotiations.
2. Effortless Automation: Automates routine tasks like purchase order generation, invoice processing, and vendor payments, freeing up procurement team’s time.
3. Streamlined Workflows: User-friendly interfaces and dynamic workflows within Merlin Assist, our Microsoft Teams chat bot helps simplify Intake-to-pay processes.
4. Real-Time Insights: AI-powered spend analytics uncovers hidden cost-saving opportunities and predict future spending patterns.
Zycus’ organically built, natively integrated and GenAI powered Source to Pay offering offers you many benefits for indirect procurement including:
1. Cost Savings: Identify and capture billions in savings through AI-driven spend analysis and optimized supplier negotiations.
2. Improved Efficiency: Automate tasks, streamline workflows, and empower employees with self-service procurement options.
3. Enhanced Compliance: Ensure adherence to internal policies and global regulations with automated controls and real-time monitoring.
4. Reduced Risk: Mitigate risks associated with fraud, contract breaches, and supplier disruptions.
5. Stronger Supplier Relationships: Foster collaboration and identify high-performing suppliers that align with your needs and sustainability goals.
Further, its AppXtend Platform allows you to build industry or company specific apps to quickly customize or extend the software for your specific needs.

Zycus offers the most comprehensive coverage of indirect procurement services including spend analytics, sourcing, contract life cycle management, supplier discovery, supplier information management, supplier risk & performance management, intake and requisition management, catalog management, invoicing & payments. Zycus indirect procurement is powered by Merlin GenAI

Zycus offers an unmatched data-driven visibility into the spends. Its AI powered insights give intelligence to predict spending patterns and decide on category strategy. GenAI tools including Merlin Assist help in automating mundane tasks and improve compliance to policy.

100s of global organizations have leveraged Zycus for their indirect spends management solution to achieve significant results for example:
1. A Global 500 company uses Zycus to identify and consolidate tail spend, resulting in 15% savings on various categories
2. A leading manufacturer utilized Zycus to automate invoice processing, leading to over 54% reduction in processing time.
3. A global healthcare provider implemented Zycus to enforce spending controls, achieving a 20% decrease in maverick buying.
Absolutely! Zycus indirect procurement software tackles maverick buying through:
1. Approval Workflows: Enforce spending controls with approval matrices and budget checks through GenAI powered guided procurement.
2. Simplified Indirect Procurement: Streamline the requisition process for low-dollar purchases, encouraging employees to use authorized channels.
3. Real-Time Visibility: Gain insights into maverick spending patterns and identify areas for improvement.
Merlin, our unique generative AI technology has 100s of use cases to enable both the business users and core procurement users. For example :
Guided intake management, Guided procurement, Contract generation and authoring, suggest negotiation strategies, enable Supplier Discovery, RFP generator, RFP analyzer, Advanced sourcing optimization, enhanced collaboration for effective category management etc.
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