Zycus Catalog Management

Catalog management module is an integral part of Zycus’ comprehensive Procure-to-Pay solution suite enabling end-to-end catalog life-cycle management. Suppliers can publish regional, buyer-specific or global catalogs and punch outs through Zycus’ supplier portal.

Zycus supports the following types of catalogs;

Hosted/Published Catalogs: Zycus hosts these catalogs shared by the suppliers through the Zycus Supplier Portal.

Punchouts: While shopping, requisitioners get directed to punch out sites where they add items to the cart and on checkout the cart information is transferred to the eProcurement module of Zycus’ P2P solution suite. Content for the punchouts are maintained and hosted by the suppliers and Zycus provides the ability to exchange data using standard protocols such as cXML, OCI etc.


Artificial intelligence-based auto-classification of catalog items, including punch out items
End-to-end catalog life-cycle management including approvals and catalog update with versioning and change summary
eCatalogs and updates from the supplier portal can be reviewed and approved before publishing

Integrating Zycus P2P with your ERP

While ERPs serve your business-needs well enough, when it comes to procurement, research has suggested investing in procurement-specific software yields better results.

We keep ease of integration with any ERP or third-party system at the forefront while building a seamless source-to-pay suite of procurement solutions. Thus offering your organization a cohesive central platform for all P2P operations.



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