Zycus’ P2P electronic invoice capture helps you centralize receipt of invoices and advanced shipment notifications (ASNs) from multiple sources. The module accepts trading documents coming from EDI, cXML, E-mail, scanned images and more. It also provides you with alerts and a configurable summary of pending requests.

Zycus Advantage

Flexibility in accepting invoices and advanced shipment notifications (ASNs) in various formats
Compliant formatting of incoming invoices and trading documents to prevent later revisions
Visibility of all incoming invoices in a centralized location to help you manage the payables pipeline

Integrating Zycus P2P with your ERP

While ERPs serve your business-needs well enough, when it comes to procurement, research has suggested investing in procurement-specific software yields better results.

As a pioneer in building a truly integrated source-to-pay suite of solutions, we have kept ease of integration with any ERP or third-party system as a key consideration during our product development.

Zycus Procure-to-Pay solution can integrate seamlessly with your ERPs to offer you a combined view of information and a cohesive central platform for all P2P operations.

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