The Business Need for e Invoicing Solution

What happens when your organization has not automated the invoicing process?

  • Accounts Payable department is most likely drowning in paper - paper invoices that is
  • Invoicing and approval processes get complicated
  • Payment processing to suppliers may take longer
  • Invoice management is prone to error due to high level of human dependency/lack of automation

The Zycus e-Invoicing platform, using its robust software features for Supplier Portal, Desktop Receiving and Invoice Matching and Approvals extends the efficiency gains to the payment process, enabling suppliers to transmit electronic invoices and also automating the receiving and invoice matching process for more “touchless” invoice processing.

How e Invoicing Software can help You

Invoice Capture
Matching &
Payments & Discounting

Integrating Zycus P2P with your ERP

While ERPs serve your business-needs well enough, when it comes to procurement, research has suggested investing in procurement-specific software yields better results.

As a pioneer in building a truly integrated source-to-pay suite of solutions, we have kept ease of integration with any ERP or third-party system as a key consideration during our product development.

Zycus Procure-to-Pay solution can integrate seamlessly with your ERPs to offer you a combined view of information and a cohesive central platform for all P2P operations.

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