Enabling a Truly Touchless Invoice Experience

Zycus eInvoicing software extends efficiency gains through the entire procure-to-pay process by enabling effective, easy and economical invoice management irrespective of your business scale.
Zycus e-Invoicing software enables suppliers to transmit electronic invoices and automates receiving and invoice-matching processes for both PO and non-PO based invoices. Incoming invoices are matched automatically to requisitions and POs, approved by the right stakeholders, saved per audit requirements, and configured per global regulations. This ensures fast, error-free, and paperless invoice process with global compliance at the click of a button.


Three Steps to Better Invoice Management with Zycus e-Invoicing Software:

Flexible, In-Platform Invoice Capture

Capture all invoices on a central platform in your preferred electronic format, irrespective of type or origin, to increase invoice accuracy.

Touchless Invoice

Utilize automated three-way invoice matching and robust workflow configuration to process both PO and Non-PO Invoices and manage exceptions to improve invoice compliance and processing times.

Insightful Analytics and Dynamic Discounting

Use built-in reports, analytics, and early payment discount programs to gather strategic insights on your spending to generate savings.


Gartner Report 2021

World-leading e-Invoice Solutions Feature:

  • Multi-criteria based Configurable Workflows
  • Complimentary but comprehensive Supplier Portal
  • Intelligent data conversion with Cloud OCR
  • Efficient invoice coding with Parallel Approvals
  • Supplier-side Automation with Supplier Enablement
  • Geography-specific invoicing for Global Compliance Management

Zycus e-Invoicing is at its most powerful when integrated with ERP. Zycus iConsole does the job with virtually any ERP system. See ERP Integration Resources.

Only from Zycus

Zycus operates at the global leading edge of procurement innovation, rolling out features for e-Invoicing software that are not replicated anywhere else. These include:

High Portal-based e-Invoice Generation

Zycus ensures that all of important suppliers are enabled to benefit from automated, touchless invoice processing. Using the Zycus Supplier Network suppliers can easily flip POs into Invoices or generate Non-PO invoices in preferred formats, ensuring high numbers of straight-through invoice processing.

Flexible Workflow

Zycus provides robust, configurable workflows to ensure rapid invoice processing. This includes tolerance limits for PO-Invoice matching, customizable exception management for non-matched invoices, rules-based routing of Non-PO invoices, and exclusive ContractLock technology to close compliance gaps on Non-PO invoices.


Zycus provides both Buyer and Supplier mobile apps to ensure every stakeholder has 24/7 access to invoices. Suppliers can also use unique functionalities such as converting phone images into e-Invoices, dramatically simplifying the invoicing process.

Know your E-invoicing from Merlin A.I. Suite

Merlin invoice extraction
  • Automate invoice intake from invoice uploads folder
  • Intelligently extract key business fields (including header and line level data)
  • Create auto-draft in the system
AP Smart Desk BOT
  • Sort and classify emails in AP mailbox using AI based intent recognition
  • Auto-fetch status of the invoices
  • Auto-generate responses to supplier emails on payment and invoice queries




Zycus eInvoicing Software enables a touchless invoice experience. It saves time, reduces cost and errors as it allows comprehensive invoice receipt management, gives a single platform to manage invoices in any format, efficiently manages recurring invoices, and provides advanced AI technology for transforming paper invoices. It eliminates the bottlenecks as it enables faster invoice matching and approval by automating 3-way invoice matching and exception handling and better processing the non-PO invoices.
  • Geography-specific invoicing for Global Compliance Management
  • High portal-based eInvoice generation
  • Flexible workflow management
  • Mobile-powered invoicing
  • Efficient invoice coding with parallel approvals