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Merlin for Risk

Supplier Risk Management Software

Supplier risk management solution powered by Generative AI that delivers real-time risk insights for end-to-end risk management
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Supplier Decisions Made Easy with Generative AI-Powered Risk Profiling from Diverse Data Sources

Supplier risk management tool that helps you protect your brand and optimize supply chains amid ever changing business landscape


"Zycus solution has multiple options to perform the same action and easy to draw quick report to analyze the performance at any given time."

Project Lead - Transportation
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Our Marquee Clientele

Generative AI Powered Real Time Supplier Risk Analysis Across Millions of Data Sources


Enhanced Accuracy by 45%

45% accuracy improvement over older AI models, enabling more precise identification of risky articles


Increased Throughput by 4X

Experience a fourfold boost in article processing throughput, enabling AI models to handle up to 20,000 articles daily

Comprehensive Risk Profiling

Merlin Risk Radar, in collaboration with ChatGPT, provides in-depth supplier risk profiles across various risk categories, ensuring a precise and multidimensional view of vulnerabilities

Real Time Risk Alerts

Stay well-informed with real-time risk alerts powered by ChatGPT, enabling rapid responses to critical supplier risk events and proactive risk mitigation strategies

Supplier Due Diligence

Leverage Merlin Risk Radar's extensive web-crawled data, now enhanced by ChatGPT, for thorough due diligence on potential suppliers, facilitating informed decisions

Supplier Analysis & Segmentation

Elevate supplier selection and management decisions by utilizing historical performance analysis and tailored strategies further refined by ChatGPT's accuracy

Get to Know Supplier Risk Management Software

RiskRadar app screen

Real-Time Risk Alerts, News Feed Search, and Supplier Onboarding Risk Check

Risk Radar App Screen

Risk Score Visibility across Other Products

AI-Infused Supplier Risk Management at Your Fingertip

Zycus Advantage

Supplier Risk Auto Alerts with Zycus

Seamless Integration with Zycus

Comprehensive Coverage of Risk Categories

AI Classifies Risk Severity with 90% Accuracy

Supplier Risk Management Software Features that Set Zycus Apart​

Comprehensive Risk Coverage with Gen AI

Generative AI identifies wide-ranging supplier risks globally for unmatched, proactive risk management

Real-Time News Feed Powered by Gen AI

AI-driven alerts from global news ensure immediate risk awareness and responsive action

Sanctions Identification through Gen AI
Auto scan global sanction lists, ensuring compliance & avoid regulatory penalties effortlessly
Check Risk While Onboarding with Gen AI
Evaluates supplier risks during onboarding, securing your supply chain from the start


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Success Stories

Philippines Transforms-kh
A leading retail firm in Philippines transforms its source-to-pay operations with Zycus’ suite of solutions
bio procurement
Zycus Powers a Leading Global Pharmaceutical Organization’s Procurement Transformation
hotel procurement
One of the World’s Largest Hotel Group Transforms Procurement with Zycus to Stay Ahead in the Hospitality Sector


Generative AI revolutionizes supplier risk management solutions by analyzing vast datasets to predict risks, identify patterns, and suggest mitigation strategies, ensuring a proactive approach to maintaining supply chain resilience.
Zycus’ Generative AI powered supplier risk management solution incorporates advanced security protocols, including data encryption and continuous monitoring with multilayer security architecture, to protect sensitive information and ensure compliance with global data protection regulations.
Supplier risk management solution of Zycus is powered by Merlin for Risk which employs Generative AI to scan millions of data points across the internet and internal sources in real-time, enabling the early detection of potential supplier risks before they can impact the supply chain.
Risk management software is a digital tool designed to help organizations identify, assess, and mitigate various types of risks, including operational, financial, and compliance risks, by providing data analysis, reporting, and risk tracking capabilities.
A supplier risk management program is a structured approach to assess, mitigate, and monitor potential risks associated with the suppliers a company works with to ensure business continuity and reliability.
Managing risk with suppliers involves setting clear performance expectations, conducting due diligence, and establishing contingency plans to address disruptions or issues that may arise in the supply chain.
Supplier risk is monitored by regularly evaluating supplier performance, tracking key performance indicators, and using risk assessment tools to identify and address potential vulnerabilities in the supplier network.
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