Elevate savings & mitigate risks by optimizing CLM

Zycus' Contract Management automation solution reduces maverick spend, optimizes operation and elevates the entire contracting experience while significantly shrinking cycle time & enhancing compliance.

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Contract Management

Three Steps to Better Contract Management with Zycus!

Execute contracts easily

Execute Contracts Easily

Easy authoring, approval & tracking. Convenient metadata configuration & renewal management.

Reduce cycle time

Reduce Cycle Time

Fast contract creation & reviews. Quick negotiations with real time app-based alerts & updates.

Increase stakeholder collaboration

Increase Stakeholder Collaboration

Flexible workflows, high visibility, subject matter transperancy & enhanced user experience.

Zycus Contract Management Key Features

  • Simplified contract drafting with user-friendly templates, clause libraries & external template support.
  • Automated approvals & modification tracking with customized workflows.
  • Quick insights, comparable version views with alerts/updates on mobile OR email.
  • Faster contract execution and value added CLM experience.
  • Customizable & dynamically integrated metadata.
  • Powerful multi-parameter free-text search with 3-tier data confidentality.
  • Contract utilization tracking milestones coupled with robust reporting capabilities & dynamic dashboards.

Zycus Contract Management is customized to ease your contracting experience by reducing overall cycle time & saving approximately $36.44 per document.

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Zycus Advantage

Sustain Savings

Sustain Savings

Cut maverick spends & preserve in-contract savings with alerts on off-contract spends.

Automated Compliance

Automated Compliance

Exercise data confidentatlity with unique & secure user signatures & enforced goals by legal team.

Mitigate Risks

Mitigate Risks

Create awareness related to market conditions & contract expiry. Be proactive on regulatory risks.


Success Stories

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Harness the power of AI-driven contract lifecycle management for
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Zycus' Contract Management solution helps businesses to go beyond contract lifecycle management. It helps in sustaining savings and minimizing risk. It centralizes contract storage, tracks contract utilization & compliance, mitigates contract risks, and reduces contract creation cycle time. The advanced features empower organizations to accelerate contract negotiations, authorize and approve processes, minimize legal risk exposure and capture benefits by standardizing contract language and version control.
  • Reduces contract creation and negotiation cycle time
  • Improves contract utilization
  • Increases stakeholder collaboration
  • Adheres to regulatory requirements
  • Decreases maverick spend
  • Increases savings by maintaining contract compliance
Contract lifecycle management automates and streamlines the contract process that leads to significant improvements in cost savings and efficiency while reducing financial risk.
  • Capture
  • Track
  • Author
  • Create
  • Approve
  • Negotiate
  • Sign
  • Analyze

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