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Accounts Payable Software for Large Business

Faster invoice processing at a lower TCO with Zycus Accounts Payable Software for Large Businesses.

Drive AP transformation with Zycus' AI-Powered AP Automation Software for Large Businesses

Achieve a greater degree of invoice automation for your large enterprises and drive AP transformation via cost­ efficient invoice processing, better supplier communications, dynamic discounting, fraud detection and global compliance.

Time Cost Savings

Time and
Cost Savings

Mitigate manual data entry and increase processing efficiency with Al, leading to significant time and cost savings for your organization.
Better supplier communications

Better Supplier

Faster and automated supplier communication; tracking of invoice status and prompt payments fostering stronger supplier relationships.

Anomaly and
Fraud Detection

Use Al to detect potential fraud and anomalies in invoice data, an added layer of security to protect your organization's finances.


Comply with region- or country­ specific regulatory mandates and e-invoicing standards.

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End-to-End Automation via Merlin AI for Accounts Payable

APIA infographic

The Zycus Value Proposition For Large Enterprises: End-to-End AP Automation Leveraging The Power Of Al

Automate your Accounts Payable in Days and not Months

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