Save more per Invoice

Zycus’ AP Automation Suite helps AP department automate and transform accounts payable process for better invoice management to empower businesses to derive more value per invoice. AP Automation helps gain process efficiencies, better control and improved visibility over end-to-end invoice processing cycles to reach a new level of operational excellence. Going paperless and electronic means improving efficiencies on many fronts and increasing savings:


Operational costs reduced by 60% by eliminating process inefficiencies
Faster invoice processing times reducing approval cycle time by 30%
Better visibility of entire invoice cycle in one place
Improved supplier management reducing supplier inquiries by 60%

First Step towards Digital Transformation

Zycus E-invoicing seamlessly integrates with different ERPs and Procurement modules to help you get closer to your business goals.

Real Efficiencies

Use this robust capability to actively drive utilization of and compliance to preffered supplier contracts.

Guaranteed Compliance

Maximize Compliance with improved spend visibility, audit trials, dynamic workflows, exceptional handling to ensure strict adherence to SOX regulatory requirements.

Improved Spend Visibility

Touchless invoice processing and seamlessly connected work streams give the power of single view of spend data for data-centric strategic savings.

Improved Supplier Relationship

Improved relationship means giving them variety of options to send and receive invoices, a free portal especially for them to track orders, invoices and payments and paying them faster and at better terms with automated invoice processing.

Go Paperless with Zycus Supplier Portal

Zycus’ Supplier portal gives supplier the flexibility to send and receive invoices in any format.


Comprehensive AP Automation Suite

Zycus’ Supplier portal gives supplier the flexibility to send and receive invoices in any format.

Invoice Processing

Streamline Invoice Processing to eliminate manual process inefficiencies through automated approval workflows, audit trails, exception handling, invoice-PO matching and tight integration with contract to ensure strict adherence to SOX regulatory requirements.

Dynamic Discounting

Improve your financial savings through better utilisation of on-contract discount terms. Capture early payment discounts like never before with better visibility of AP process workflows. Improve supplier relationships with on-time payments and better terms.

Supplier Management

Manage supplier risk better by storing and maintaining a single source of all supplier data to help reduce broken, obsolete or incomplete records for maximum compliance and to improve data visibility for better supplier performance evaluation.


Seamless Integration with your ERP

Zycus E-invoicing integrates seamlessly with different ERPs and multiple modules like Contract Management, Sourcing and Procurement to help transform Accounts Payable into an efficient operational and strategic powerhouse. Connected technology offers centralised data view and cohesive platform for all operations to help streamline procurement and invoicing.



How Zycus’ AP Automation Suite can transform the accounts payable process?
  • Boosts up process efficiency and reduces the likelihood of human error as it allows organizations to go paperless and adopt electronic means
  • Empowers business to save more per invoice
  • Improves visibility and provides enhanced insights by facilitating smooth reports and analysis
  • Helps in better compliance management
  • Saves time and ensures fast invoice processing and timely vendor payments. Thus, it streamlines the entire process and improves vendor relationships.
  • Reduces 60% operational cost by eliminating process efficiency
  • Decreases approval cycle time by 30% and speeds up the invoice processing
  • Gives the visibility of the entire invoice cycle in one place
  • Brings down supplier inquiries by 60% and improves supplier management

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