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Accounts Payable Automation for Better Global Compliance

Ensure compliance to regulatory and tax mandates

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Benefits of Zycus’ Global Compliance

Fulfill Global Compliance Standards with Ease

Ensure every invoice meets international legal requirements across all your business units for hassle-free compliance.

Seamlessly Onboard and Collaborate with Suppliers Through the Zycus Supply Network

Simplify supplier onboarding and collaboration via our centralized Zycus Supply Network.

Proactively Mitigate Risks in eInvoice Compliance

Minimize compliance risks with our system that actively scans for errors and inconsistencies in electronic invoices.

Accurate Invoice Validation for Content and Tax Values

Automate the validation of invoice content and tax figures to reduce errors and maintain financial accuracy.

Secure Archive and Digital Signature Support

Ensure easy, secure storage and retrieval of compliant invoices with digital signature support.

Zycus Differentiators for a Better Global Compliance

Invoice Content Compliance

Create country-specific invoice forms with ease using pre-defined templates and customizable fields.

Clearance Models

End to End Clearance model for all applicable document types across different countries.

Automatic Tax Calculation

Streamline tax calculation using integration with specialized, third-party tools for automatic tax calculation.

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Why Leading Enterprises Love Zycus!

North American health insurer achieves 98% accuracy in invoice data extraction with Zycus

Leading business solutions provider drives procurement efficiency with Zycus’ AI-powered solutions

Global automobile manufacturer transforms invoice processing with Zycus Merlin AI suite


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