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Zycus Expands its Procurement Ecosystem with Zycus Supplier Network

PRINCETON, NJ, October 28, 2015 – Zycus, a world leader among procurement technology solution providers across the Source-to-Pay cycle, announced the launch of their latest addition to their procurement software suite – the much awaited Zycus Supplier Network (ZSN) at their recent annual procurement conference Horizon 2015. The Zycus Supplier Network is a centralized business platform which enables enhanced collaboration and increased trading opportunities between Zycus customers and their approved suppliers without any additional charges to the suppliers.

Managing suppliers and handling their day-to-day queries continues to be one of the major challenges faced by the procurement department. Also, the suppliers have to spend a lot of time on following up with each individual buyer on daily transactions. ZSN bridges the gap between buyers and suppliers and enables suppliers to get visibility into their data.

Some of the key highlights include:

  • Structured training sessions and support by Zycus for all ZSN users.
  • ZSN mobile app with end-to-end functionalities to access data on the go.
  • Single log-in for suppliers to view their data across different buyers who are using Zycus products.
  • Single dashboard enabling the supplier to view his performance, contracts, orders, sourcing events, invoices and payments, etc.
  • Automated email notifications for the registered suppliers.

Zycus’ competitive edge is due to seamless integration between ZSN and the Zycus Source-to-Pay Suite:

  • Easy to use wizard-driven interface to submit supplier responses and multi-round negotiation feature.
  • Robust pre-qualification and approval engine for supplier on-boarding.
  • Performance evaluation tracking and visibility into KPI metrics.
  • Automated flipping of POs into invoices.
  • Easy creation, updates and modification of catalogs for customers.

“ZSN will help build and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship between the buyer and the supplier. To help enhance this relationship in the interest of its customers, Zycus does not charge the suppliers with any additional transaction charges or annual license fees”, says Zycus CEO, Aatish Dedhia. ”Unlike other providers, who charge based on a certain percentage of the invoice value or on the volume of documents being sent, Zycus does not believe in burdening its customers with costs that would be passed on by the suppliers in the form of higher prices”, adds Dedhia.

Zycus Inc.

Priyanka Potdukhe

Manager- Public Relations, Zycus Inc.
Direct: 1 866 563 9219

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