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Zycus Announces New Addition and Multiple Enhancements to its Full Suite of Procure Performance Solutions

PRINCETON, N.J. February 16, 2012 – Zycus, a world-leading provider of procurement performance solutions, has one very simple objective: help businesses drive exceptional performance results through intelligent, efficient procurement and supply management. This sole objective underpins the recent release of Zycus’ Financial Savings Management Solution plus a multitude of expansions and enhancements to its Spend Analysise-SourcingContract Management, and Supplier Management solutions.

“With most businesses spending anywhere from 30% to 60% of earnings in a given year, it’s very easy for executives to grasp – at least in theory – the enormous potential in authorizing procurement to strategically address enterprise-level performance levers such as cost of goods sold, operating costs, liquidity, and risk,” observes Zycus CEO Aatish Dedhia. “But moving from theory to reality has proven difficult for many companies because their hierarchies, processes and information systems were not designed with this idea in mind.

For more than a decade now, Zycus has been working to offer simple, yet complete, solutions for complex procurement and supply management imperatives. These imperatives include:


Zycus’ enhanced solution suite gives companies a complete set of tools for taking disparate data from transactions, contracts, internal customers, suppliers, markets and third-party sources and transforming it into accurate information that supports competitive strategizing and decision making. In addition to AutoClass, iAnalyze, and iContract Solutions for 360◦ spend visibility and iPerform, which establishesclear sight lines into supplier performance, Zycus now offers:

  • iMine for automated visibility into performance improvement opportunities,
  • iManage for end-to-end category and sourcing project management visibility,
  • iCost for expanding procurement’s scope of intelligence beyond the four walls of the business,
  • iOptimize for highly sophisticated, modeling of complex sourcing decisions, and
  • LiveConnect, which, by classifying spend transactions automatically at point of order, provides the closest thing yet to real-time spend visibility.

Alignment & Collaboration. To drive exceptional business performance over the long term, procurement must have solutions that align functional objectives, foster collaborative planning and decision making amongst corporate functions, and enable collaboration with suppliers. Zycus’ solutions, such as iContract AuthoringiSourceiPerform and iSupplier provide means for achieving cross-functional alignment and agreement around sourcing and supplier management requirements and decisions.

Contribution. Procurement needs solutions that make its performance and return on investment easy to measure, track and evaluate. Zycus’ iSave-Financial Savings Management Solution builds an important performance management bridge between a company’s procurement and finance functions.


While embodying global best practices, Zycus solutions are engineered for flexibility and ongoing innovation in procurement strategies and approaches. “While Zycus now offers a full suite of state-of-the-art procurement performance solutions,” says Dedhia, “our competitive edge will always be the ease with which enterprises can adopt and use our solutions. Our internal mandate is to build simple solutions for complex problems, enabling procurement organizations to start from virtually any point of departure and build their capabilities incrementally to a point where they best-in-class.”

Zycus Inc.

Silky Agarwal

Manager – Public Relations & Analyst Relations, Zycus Inc.
Direct: 1 866 563 9219

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