The 11 Most Important KPIs to Unlock Sustained Procurement Performance in 2023


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As a Chief Procurement Officer or as someone aiding your organization in matters of sustainable procurement, you know that cost management and efficiency are important metrics to focus on. But what if there was a way to drive even better procurement performance and achieve long-term success?

Sustainable procurement is a crucial aspect of corporate social responsibility and is essential for organizations to minimize their environmental and social impacts while promoting financial growth and minimizing risk. As organizations increasingly recognize the importance of sustainable procurement practices, it has become increasingly important to measure and track performance in this area.

This whitepaper provides a comprehensive framework for organizations to measure their performance in sustainable procurement. With a focus on environmental, social and long-term economic viability, our guide details 11 key performance indicators (KPIs) that will help organizations identify areas for improvement and maximize their sustainability impact.

Download and read the paper to:

  • Discover why these 11 KPIs matter, and how these can help you achieve your performance goals
  • Benchmark your performance on these metrics against best-in-class procurement functions from across the world
  • Learn about the new initiatives which CPOs are undertaking to future proof their 'Procuretech' stack and business

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