Supplier Risk And Performance Management: Best Practices For KPI Creation


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Monitoring supplier performance is a crucial aspect of Supplier Management. However, it can easily be under-resourced and neglected. Even when performance is evaluated, the KPIs often either fail to capture or end up capturing too much information.

It is important ensure that the supplier is meeting the performance and to identify room for improvement. In order to ensure that the Supplier Performance Evaluation process indeed creates the value it is intended to, it is very important to have the right KPIs. Whether you have the right KPIs makes a whole lot of difference in the value you derive. This whitepaper focuses on helping readers understand the why Supplier Performance Management is important and what kinds of KPIs and scorecards can help them derive the maximum value out of this process.

Key Takeaway:

  • Understand the need for Supplier Performance Management & how to incorporate it in business processes.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Creation Guidelines for Supplier Performance Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Best Practice Recommendations for KPI Creation & Scorecards based on actual Zycus product usage.

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