Redefining the Role of Modern Procurement Team

26th September 2017
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Our latest whitepaper ‘Redefining the Role of Modern Procurement Team’ highlights,

  • Need for procurement departments to be value driven.
  • Need to change the image of procurement from cost center to profitable service provider.
  • 6 ways to redefine a procurement team to be modern and commercially driven.

Procurement teams have been stigmatized as cost centers and the teams at modern business organizations are now proving the critics wrong. 6 out of 10 procurement organizations cite cost savings as one of their top three performance objectives. In addition, the average cost savings goal across the globe went up from 8% to 9% of the total spending in 2016.

Modern procurement teams are commercially driven and add value to a business organization by aligning themselves to the strategic need of the respective organization. Instead of being cost centers they are pivoting themselves to be profitable service providers.

Download our latest whitepaper ‘Redefining the Role of Modern Procurement Team’ to know how to redefine your procurement team into a value adding asset to your organization.

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