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Accounts Payable (AP) functions all over the globe are under constant pressure to cut costs through efficient processing and paying their suppliers on time. This may sound like an easy feat; however, when the processes are manual, it can be chaotic, and the situation can quickly go out of control.In general, no set process is followed for non-purchase order (PO)-backed transactions, which can be a loophole for internal and regulatory compliance mandates. Non-PO invoicing translates to limited or no reference to the purchase being made. Operationally, such transactions create a stressful environment for the AP function, which is running against the clock to get adequate approvals, receipt acknowledgments, a valid GL number on invoices that are almost or already past due – these factors increase the likelihood of errors and in turn, may lead to financial implications for the enterprise.Is your Organization struggling to process Non-PO invoices? Download the processing Non-PO invoices guide now.

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