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The Hackett Group Infographic: Build a Sustainable Procurement Program

Did you Know? Supporting corporate sustainability appeared on the procurement leaders’ top-5 agenda for the first time in the Hackett Group’s 2022 Procurement Key Issues Study.

Sustainability is at the helm of corporate responsibility and procurement functions need to proactively lead the way. Developing a sustainable procurement plan requires innovative approach to reduce carbon footprint across the supply chain while still increasing efficiency within the operations.

Want to know what it takes to build a world-class sustainable procurement program?

View this infographic based on The Hackett Group’s Sustainable Procurement Study that covers:

  • How to ready your organizations for success through Sustainable Procurement
  • Benchmarking data for scope of responsibility across the supply chain
  • Key metrics to demonstrate the impact of your sustainable procurement program
  • Best Practices for building your own sustainable procurement program


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