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An Aviation P2P Transformation Guide – Putting the AI in Airlines

After some turbulent times for the airline industry, green shoots of recovery are sprouting, in the form of an increase in air travel to rival pre-pandemic times.

Yet, as we return to regularly scheduled programming, airline companies still require assistance. Assistance to take over the routine yet essential tasks of cost containment, identifying savings opportunities, plug leakages, and compliance. And for those who dare to keep climbing, assistance to implement a digital transformation for their procurement.

Our newest white paper contains:-

  • Trends Shaping Aviation Procurement – The Way The Wind Blows…
  • Challenges Faced By Aviation Procurement Teams – The Turbulence
  • The Solutions – The Final Approach
  • How An Aviation Giant saved $45 million With Zycus – Straight from the Black Box

… and much more!

About Zycus:

Zycus, the pioneer in cognitive procurement software and trusted partner for large global enterprises since 1997. Zycus has been consistently recognized by Gartner analysts as a leading provider of source-to pay solutions with their revolutionaryMerlin AI suite designed to help sourcing professionals find hidden gems while avoidinglow cost suppliers – all without wasting time on unproductive searches!

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