User Adoption - The Fuel that Drives eSourcing Success


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With changes in their environment many organizations are looking at changes in their sourcing applications and initiatives. Several organizations are unhappy with their current sourcing platforms and are looking at other alternatives. As with any other business software application, a fairly large number of eSourcing implementations end up in a fiasco. And when eSourcing programs fail, the primary reason is often a lack of user acceptance. After the initial euphoria and management push, sourcing professionals shun their eSourcing tools and go back to the traditional means of spreadsheets, emails and intranet applications. Consequently, eSourcing software is relegated to mere shelf ware in most of the organizations.

As the level of user adoption becomes one of the major criteria in the successful implementation of any eSourcing software two critical evaluation parameters emerge which can help eSourcing software providers gain wins in this market.

This paper focuses on how and why user adoption is the key factor to achieve ROI from your eSourcing software

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