6 Scenarios Which Demand Advanced eSourcing


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Today, procurement is evolving from being viewed purely as a cost saving entity to one with strategic importance to the organization. As part of this evolution, procurement professionals around the globe are looking for solutions which would help them move towards this goal.

Globalization has brought along with it the inherent risks of managing the global supply chain. Procurement practices around the world are in the process of adapting to the complex scenarios emerging from working with suppliers across the globe. Dependence of organizations on the world economy has added to the sourcing challenges faced by them. Be it the earthquake in Japan which resulted in huge losses for organizations due to supply disruption, or fluctuating commodity prices –procurement professionals have a task on their hand.

This case file deals with the challenges procurement professionals face with traditional eSourcing tools and how advanced eSourcing helps overcome the challenges faced by organizations to ensure they remain ahead in a competitive & dynamic marketplace.

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