4 pillars to Procurement Technology Adoption (Europe edition)


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Organizations spend millions of dollars for technology implementations. It has been found that most projects fail within one year of implementation. In a recently issued study report from the World Economic Forum 2010-2011, The United States stands only 5th in terms of technological savvy nations. One of the reasons for this could be lack of adoption of new technologies within the organization.

Employees using a new software system exhibit steep learning curves and resistance to change which is evident from the large percentage of organizations feeling their ability to deal with change being poor. Most of the time this failure can be attributed to a lack of communication between the decision maker (which in our case, would be the CPO or the VP procurement) and the end user(buying manager, purchasing agent etc.). The point being, that such an environment is not conducive for effective software implementation.

This whitepaper will cover the major challenges involved in adoption and how an organization can use ‘4 pillars’ to overcome the adoption challenges and ensure acceptance of the spend management solution by the end users.

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