The State of ePayables: The Convergence of Cash, Suppliers and Intelligence


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Within enterprise, functions are converging around shared values and business interests. Accounts Payable is one such example which is becoming more central to cash management, supplier relationship and business intelligence, and is converging with functions like finance and procurement. This trend of convergence will, in the near future, take on a greater responsibility towards ensuring enterprise success. The rapidly changing pace of technology and quick disruptions in innovation require AP to transform itself digitally to respond more efficiently to its new strategic role.

The Ardent Partners report not only gives you a glimpse of the latest updates pertaining to the AP world, but also documents the views and experiences of 200 AP leaders. It provides in-depth information about proven practices, benchmarks and recommendations that AP professionals can use to compare their performance against best-in-class and ultimately upgrade and revamp their AP strategies.

Few of the many insights this research report presents include:

  • AP Top priorities for the current year
  • Best-in-class AP performance metrics
  • Tactics to stay on top of the AP game

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