Raising the World-Class Bar in Procurement with Digital Transformation


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Raising the World-Class Bar in Procurement with Digital Transformation

Digital transformation creates new processes that are customer-centric and more efficient. According to Hackett, world-class Procurement organizations continue to reduce costs by embracing digital technology.

In its latest research report 'Raising the World-Class Bar in Procurement through Digital Transformation', Hackett states how world-class organizations get a 10.7X payback on Procurement investment, compared to 4.7X for average performers.

Download this report today to learn more about:

  • World-class Procurement benchmarks such as cost as a percentage of annual spend, FTEs per US$ billion spend, Procurement ROI, retention planning and turnover levels
  • Raising the bar on Procurement performance with digital transformation
  • Six digital accelerators for increasing Procurement performance


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