Nine Tips for Implementing Purchase-to-Pay Technology


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Nine Tips for Implementing Purchase-to-Pay Technology

Companies implementing purchase-to-pay technology often encounter similar challenges and risks. The Hackett Group lists out 9 of these challenges and offers tips and tricks to overcome these challenges. Ironically, few of the thorniest challenges relate to the technology itself; rather, companies tend to get tripped up by human elements like poor project planning or excessive approvals.

Technology implementations are often massive undertakings. This is particularly so in the procurement and payables environment, where numerous stakeholders are involved, minimizing supply-chain disruption is imperative, and intense scrutiny is common. Although every company’s process and implementation is unique, there are many common paradigms for implementation success. Moreover, there are risks that most organizations will encounter.

This exclusive report - Nine Tips for Implementing Purchase-to-Pay Technology”, presents an overview of these risks and best practice mitigation methods, by The Hackett Group to get a fresh perspective on implementation of Procure-to-Pay technology in your organization.

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