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Future Proofing Procurement

For Procurement, the past few years have brought a series of unexpected and unavoidable disruptions: from Covid 19 pandemic to inflation. Despite this chaos, some organizations were better prepared than others to tackle disruption. The important question is: which advancements in terms of technology, people, and processes drove resiliency? The answer to this question may hold the key for future-proofing your own procurement initiatives.

Watch Chris McClory – Managing Director, Procurement & Outsourcing Advisory, KPMG and Richard Waugh -VP Corporate Development, Zycus exchange views regarding “how to Future Proof Procurement?”.

In a competitive business environment, Chief Procurement Officers are facing rising pressures to achieve more, with less. But how can they make this a reality?

  • What strategies must be implemented to maximize success despite constraints regarding headcount and challenging targets?
  • Enterprises on their journey to a sophisticated Procurement Digital Transformation have seen substantial gains, but are there still gaps in their strategy or there are opportunities that are yet to be exploited?
  • Looking into the future, how will technology and innovation transform the role for procurement professionals over the next decade?



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