Phil Chalkley

Procurement Consultant, Ex-Head of Procurement Transdev Australia

Tarkis Rann

Regional Sales Director, ANZ Zycus Infotech Pvt. Ltd.



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With COVID-19 disrupting the procurement and supply chain landscape across the globe, the focus has been on how businesses are looking at business continuity plans and cost saving measures. However, there hasn’t been much debate on how Government procurement teams across Australia and New Zealand are reacting to this pandemic.

In order to get an in depth view of how Governments are reacting to this pandemic, we caught up with Phil Chalkley- a seasoned procurement professional, with over 25 years of experience in helping both businesses and Governments transform their procurement function- to pick his brains on what he thinks Government’s should do to ride this difficult time.

In an exclusive two part series, Phil not only talks about COVID-19, but also talks about the following:

  • Distinctions between Government and Commercial procurement
  • The evolution of digital procurement and the need to use it more in current times
  • Issues pertaining to Government- probity, compliance, and technology adoption

Here’s presenting part-1, where the focus is on COVID-19!

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