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What India needs to outsmart world-class procurement organizations

Indian procurement organizations are riding the digital transformation wave to stay ahead of the curve in the ever competing markets. This has made it possible for procurement departments to unleash their potential at adding value to the organization apart from the traditional cost-saving. Although, the speed of change that technologies have brought makes it imperative for procurement leaders to be visionaries
The Indian procurement leader’s vision and strategy will depend upon what lies in the future of procurement. With the world’s procurement department adopting sophisticated technologies and gaining strategic importance, the future of India’s procurement is clear.
Join Mr. Tapan Shah, a senior procurement and supply chain professional who illustrates the shift of Indian procurement and what the top management should be expecting based on his functional experience of more than 25 years across various industries.

Topics of discussion in the podcast:

  • 00.00 to 00.46: Introduction
  • 00.47 to 02.16: Indian procurement, an introspection
  • 02.17 to 07.00: Challenges and road blocks of Indian procurement
  • 07.00 to 14.30: Future of Indian procurement
  • 04.30 to 20.50: Procurement digitalization

About the author:

Tapan Shah is a diploma graduate in Materials Management from Indian Institute of Materials Management. He is a certified green belt in Lean Six Sigma applications and also a certified internal auditor for ISO 9001:2008, ISO: 14001:2004, and ISO: 18001:2007. More importantly, Tapan has more than 25 years of experience in the procurement and supply chain domain across various industries. His achievements have been successfully optimizing and managing the sourcing function for local, regional, and global operations in cross-cultural environments.




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