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Realizing procurement’s potential: How to position Source-to-Pay at the heart of your business? – Part 1

The benefits of having a great procurement strategy are manifold. Financial savings, quality gains, and lower risks are the key advantages – but an excellent procurement also provides an organization with many other ancillary benefits that gives a fillip to the business’s top line.

To shed some light on procurement’s role as a strategic business partner, Zycus was joined by Anna Bjärkerud, Founder and Managing Director, EBG Network – Sweden, for a discussion grounded on research based insights to help organizations realize the full potential that Source-to-Pay can deliver.

Points covered during the part one of this discussion include :

  • How to evaluate organization-readiness and create an improved strategy through digitization of Source-to-Pay processes?
  • In what ways can companies align and optimize Source-to-Pay strategy to improve the top line growth?
  • How should companies organize their Procurement Category Expertise and Supplier Performance Management to generate cost savings?



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