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The Three New Priorities That Will Redefine Procurement’s Role In A Post-COVID-19 World

According to many recent reports, Covid-19 is speeding up the change in procurement, and industry pundits believe that now is the time for our profession to step forward as our critical business role is finally being “recognized.”

However, what does “stepping forward” actually mean? Where does this transformation of the new procurement practice begin?

According to extensive research, the following three priorities seem to be emerging as top deliverables for CPOs and C-Suite executives.

  • Extracting greater value from current procurement technology platforms to maximize strategic outcomes.
  • Identifying gaps in team capability and performance to position organizations to succeed in meeting both short and longer-term objectives.
  • Identifying areas of risk both from the standpoint of supply chain performance and cybersecurity – i.e. new data privacy regulations throughout the entire chain.

In this webinar, an expert panel will join Procurement Insights’ Jon Hansen to discuss these three areas as well as answer your questions regarding our brave new procurement world.




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