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Peak P2P Performance: What It’s All “Abot”

The recently updated and published “2019 Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) Performance Study,” from The Hackett Group continues to show a widening gulf between Top P2P Performers and the overall Peer Group, and the difference is digitization: “Leveraging a broad toolkit that includes e-catalogs, e-payables, touchless ordering, and self-service, Top Performers have double the adoption rate for impactful automation, compared to peers.” As a result, the study finds that Top P2P Performers experience:

  • Greater than 50% lower process costs and fewer FTEs required to support P2P
  • Visibility to 93% of line item spend detail captured through their automated P2P process as compared to just 41% for Peers.

In this webinar, Jimmy LeFever (Senior Research Director, Procurement Advisory Practice at The Hackett Group) will share highlights from the new P2P Performance Study to shed light on what Top P2P Performance is all “About,” including:

  • Key P2P Performance Benchmarks against which to compare your current performance and identify gaps
  • Successful strategies for digitizing and optimizing P2P performance

He will be joined by and Bruce Pomazal (Director, Strategic Sourcing at CDK Global) and Richard Waugh (Vice President, Corporate Development at Zycus), for a first-hand guide to achieving Top P2P Performer status, as well a glimpse toward driving next-level efficiencies by showcasing what AI innovations in P2P are all “Abot”:

  • A real-world case study that provides the roadmap for achieving Top P2P Performer status through Digital Procurement Transformation
  • A vision of how AI “Bots” can be deployed to automate the most tactical P2P tasks



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