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Conversations in Cognitive Contracting: The Good, The Great, and the Goal

Watch this on-demand webinar where Ari Kaplan and a distinguished panel of industry veterans like dive into critical areas of the Cognitive Contracting to help you chart a “new” path in 2022 and beyond.

The session highlighted the processes that can benefit most from AI, the value of contract automation and workflows, advanced contract analytics, identification of risk associated with contracting, the impact of smart clause suggestions and insights on a legal team’s contract management efficiency.

Gain exclusive access to practical insights from the experts into the following critical areas of the AI-driven digital contracting practice:

  • Best practices for reducing repetitive & tactical tasks using AI.
  • How to optimally redeploy their legal and contracting resources for strategic initiatives.
  • Strategies for lowering their risk and preventing revenue leakages in enterprise contracts.
  • Creating opportunities for employing smart contracting practices in their workflows.
  • How identify and evaluate risk-related clauses.
  • Making better decisions for future contracts.



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