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Building Partner Enabled Digital Offerings through AI

We live in the age of digital today and world-class procurement teams are making the best use of digital offerings like AI, RPA and Machine Learning, As a matter of fact, every procurement team today wants to digitize their process and leverage automated technologies like AI, RPA and Machine Learning. But many lack clarity on the fundamentals, for example where to begin, how to increase the organization wide adoption of digitalization and how to measure and ensure ROI out of these automated solutions.

This webinar address these topics and use scenarios/use cases and dwells into technology adoption and supplier collaboration through Partner Enabled Innovation (PIE).

Key Takeaways:

  • How does AI help in Accuracy, Accounting and Spend Analysis?
  • How can AI and Bots help in the extraction of metadata clauses from contracts and contract lifecycle management in general?
  • What’s the role of a Partner in setting up procurement technology training for customer systems?
  • How can AI and PIE be used to reduce the lead time for procurement processes?
  • What are the collaborative ways to reduce the lead time when there are several suppliers?
  • How to foster potential new alliances between suppliers for the benefit of the customer in question?



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