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Procurement Priorities in the Asia-Pacific Region 2023

In terms of recurring themes and priorities for procurement in the Asia-Pacific region in 2023, supplier risk management (SRM), co-innovation with suppliers, ESG (environment, social and governance) mandates, and compliance continue to be on the top.

Enterprises must ensure that their suppliers adhere to the highest standards to minimize risk exposure and ensure compliance with regulatory mandates. For effective supplier risk management, enterprises need to assess the performance of suppliers in terms of quality control, financial stability, operational efficiency, and ethical conduct.

Co-innovation is a good approach for enterprises to collaborate with suppliers and other third parties to develop innovative solutions to tackle their challenges.

By engaging in an open dialogue between all stakeholders, enterprises can further develop trust and build stronger relationships that foster collaboration with regard to ESG objectives.

In this webinar, we delved into the key priorities relevant to the procurement and sourcing landscape in the Asia-pacific region, including case studies in the following core areas:

  • Driving effective supplier risk management
  • Co-innovation with suppliers
  • Collaboration for improving compliance with ESG mandate

You can read about this webinar in Top 3 Priorities for Asia-Pacific in 2023

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