High-Tech Companies Raise the Stake for eSourcing


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High-Tech Companies Raise the Stake for eSourcing

Sourcing for profitability is difficult in any manufacturing industry. For high technology companies the task is immensely more challenging due to a unique combination of industry characteristics.

Unique challenges for high tech companies are:

  • Speed
  • Global ubiquity
  • High volume & complexity
  • Disintegration
  • Transitory
  • Volatility

A look at e-Sourcing specifications emanating from high-tech companies at the moment suggests the early adopters are now craving more flexible solutions and more comprehensive e-Sourcing functionality that can support truly global, end-to- end management and control over well defined and well informed sourcing processes.

This paper explores the e-Sourcing features and functions that high-tech companies are specifying most frequently and the benefits they are hoping to realize from the upgrades.

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