Zycus Procure to Pay Benchmark Report Part 2


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A world-wide study of more than 450 procurement organizations revealed interesting trends on key performance indicators for corporate processes and technologies to manage indirect spending.

Presented in two-parts, part 1 of the study threw light on factors influencing and controlling indirect spend and the current P2P landscape.

Part 2 of the study takes a more granular look at performance through various pieces of the end-to-end P2P process and also at success rates that companies are experiencing with P2P technology implementations and user adoption.

Some of the key findings include;

  • On average, some 72% of indirect purchase orders are properly approved and some 67% of purchase orders are accurate on first pass.

  • Some 61% or more of indirect spend POs are classified correctly to spend taxonomy, that leaves the other half coping with substantially weaker classification performance.

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