Pulse of Procurement 2015 Part 2


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In Part 1 of our Pulse of Procurement Report we noticed that CPOs are focusing on process improvements — efficiency, execution, and effectiveness - and forging stronger, more engaged, and collaborative relationships with internal business partners and suppliers.

In Part 2 of the Report, we have observed that companies building their procurement capabilities most aggressively are reaping the greatest rewards and achieving significantly higher performance levels when compared to companies investing less.

Download Part 2 of Pulse of Procurement 2015 Report to know more about:

  • Procurement technology utilization - extent to which procurement teams are effectively using the complete range of functionality offered in their solutions

  • Procurement technology adoption - linkages between performance (savings) and procurement technology adoption and use

  • State of the art performance benchmarks - parameters that are differentiating top performing organizations in comparison to peers

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