Clarence Smith

Project Manager, Curtiss Wright

Richard Waugh

VP, Corporate Development, Zycus Inc.



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On Demand Webinar: Curtiss Wright’s "P2P Behind the Mask: Hiding Complexity from Your End Users.”

The webinar includes a case study from Curtiss-Wright which has achieved high levels of user adoption and compliance despite the fact that system usage was offered on an “opt-in” basis and that these opt-in users needed to be shielded from a complex operating environment including dozens of back-end ERP instances and charts of accounts. Specifically, the session will address the need to account for these underlying complexities, without exposing them to end-users:

  • Purchasers have specific access rights which determine what they can buy and who they buy from
  • Purchase requisitions are properly approved according to the DOA (Delegation of Authority)
  • Purchase requisitions are automatically routed through the most appropriate of multiple potential buy/pay channels according to optimal efficiency and control
  • Purchase transactions are correctly classified by commodity and coded by general ledger account to enable spend analysis visibility and accurate financial reporting
  • Purchase transactions are validated and seamlessly posted to disparate back-end ERP systems and multiple charts of accounts through numerous integration touch points
  • A full audit trail of each and every transaction provides complete process transparency to ensure compliance with SOX and other regulatory or audit requirements