Giridhar Chakravarty

Senior Solution Consultant, Zycus



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Impact of Digital Procurement in Shared Services Center - Day 1

The webinar series is designed with an objective to help equip the procurement leaders across industries with key metrics/KPIs impacted with digital procurement solution in shared services environments.The webinar will cover exclusive strategies that will help organizations improve efficiencies and productivity by lowering costs, accelerating processing times, increasing service levels, decreasing error rates, increasing flexibility. The speaker will talk about key metrics across three major parameters that are Strategic, Individual Performance and Process Health.

This demo series will include demonstration of best-in-class Digital Procurement solution to measure, track and achieve the above metrics in an ongoing basis and in an auto pilot mode.

Key topics that will be covered include :

  • Spend Analytics
  • Accounts Payables Automation using BOTs/RPA
  • PR to PO cycles

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