Glenn Frank

Sr. Purchasing & Accounts Payable Manager,Brother International Corporation

Richard Waugh

VP, Corporate Development, Zycus Inc.



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Cognitive Procurement: Marrying Human Experience and Machine Learning for Maximum Returns

The continued pandemic has put a lot of pressure on Procurement & AP teams to transform digitally and deliver. Brother International did just that and cut their PO cycle by 75%. They are now processing 3/4 of all their invoices using AI!

In this On-Demand webinar Glenn Frank, Senior Purchasing and AP Manager @Brother International and Richard Waugh, Vice President @Zycus discusses the practical use cases & industry best practices about holistic application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) to enable P2P digital transformation.

Key Learnings from Session:

  • How to define AI in P2P roadmap for your organization
  • P2P user personas and applications of cognitive technology that optimize user effectiveness and satisfaction
  • How machines can learn from human experience and what they can teach us in return
  • Generating value – the ROI of Cognitive Procurement