Shrikant B.

AVP- Supply Chain and Sourcing ,Ashirvad Pipes | Functional Advisory Specialist ,Templegate Technologies

Giridhar Chakravarty

Senior Solution Consultant, Zycus



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5 Ways Procurement Can Help Build Supply Chain Resilience

Organizations are adopting tools that provide deep supply chain intelligence, and there is a high value of having as much information at your fingertips as possible. With this, organizations are making a paradigm shift in embracing the full spectrum of technologies like AI to cement the growth story.

In this webinar Shrikant B., AVP- Supply Chain and Sourcing @Ashirvad Pipes & Functional Advisory Specialist @Templegate Technologies, and Giridhar Chakravarty, Senior Solution Consultant @Zycus as they identify and discuss the top trends and major challenges in Supply Chain Management.

Key Takeaways:

  • Key procurement trends across India
  • Top 5 key metrics for ROI generated by Supply Chain Management with AI
  • Best practices to drive user adoption for AI
  • Steps organizations in India have taken to make suppliers more agile

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