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Zycus provides staffed customer support twenty-four (24) hours a day, five (5) days a week from Sunday 4:30 PM GMT to Friday 11:30 PM GMT. In the event of any Severity level-1 issues, Zycus provides with twenty-four (24) hours a day and seven (7) days a week telephonic support only. Zycus shall provide Support Services through English speaking customer support executives.
Zycus will provide an on-line “Zycus Tracking System” (ZTS) through web link as related to Zycus’s Application(s). Licensee will have access to this web-based interface twenty-four (24) hours a day and seven (7) days a week. Zycus will submit the initial response and estimated time of resolution to each case on ZTS as per the Service Levels defined below.
Table No.1
Modes of Communication
 Zycus Contact Information
Toll Free Numbers:

North America: (866) 363-6625 or (800) 409-3507US

International: + (800) 9928-7111 or (800) 9928-7000
 Chat (as per product availability)
 Login page of Zycus application
Web Site (Zycus Tracking System)
Zycus will provide each Licensee Support Liaison, with a username and password (upon Licensee’s request) to ZTS website for the purpose of submitting tickets.
Service Levels
Zycus shall provide an error correction within the times set forth below, based on the applicable severity level.

Table No.2

Severity Level
Standard Response Time
Error Definition
Error Resolution
Critical / Severity 1
One (1) Hour

Software is unavailable or inoperable as performance is highly degraded and there is a significant impact on Licensee’s operations related to the Software.
Licensee is unable to proceed without a fix. No immediate workaround is available.


Zycus will resolve the problem within one (1) business day from the day of receipt of the issue. In case a solution is not feasible by that time then Zycus shall submit a time-based action plan for the resolution and provide daily status updates thereof.

High / Severity 2
Two (2) Hours
Major functionality is impacted, or major performance degradation is experienced. Issue is persistent and affects many users and/or major functionality.

Zycus will resolve the problem within five (5) business day

from the day of receipt of the issue. In case a solution is not feasible by that time then Zycus shall submit a time-based action plan for the resolution and provide daily status updates thereof.

Medium / Severity 3
Three (3) Hours
Issues that have a work-around in the system and do not hold up processing
 Zycus will resolve the problem within seven (7) business days of receipt of Severity 3 error. In case a solution is not feasible by that time Zycus will evaluate and consider including them in the future roadmap of the respective

Software product.

Planning / Severity 4
Three (3) Hours
Issues that do not impact use of the Software in any important way.
Zycus will consider adding them to the subsequent releases of its Software or in its roadmap for that Software product.
Licensee may escalate the matter to Zycus’s Project Manager if it is concluded that the proposed plan of action does not demonstrate Zycus’s commercially reasonable effort to correct the error in light of its impact on Licensee’s business.
Uptime Availability of Lythouse Software Zycus will provide availability of hosted (SaaS) setup to Licensee as per Table No 3.
Table No.3 – Uptime Availability SLA
  Availability (Monthly)
Lythouse Software

Scheduled Outages – Scheduled outages are the planned downtime, which is carried out by Zycus, preferably during weekends or during Licensee’s non-working hours, or as scheduled by data center. Scheduled or planned downtime will be informed to Licensee at least one week (5 business days) in advance. Maximum scheduled outage period in a quarter shall be (seventy-two) 72 hours.

Scheduled outages are generally used to upgrade, replace, or maintain Zycus’s infrastructure. Upgrades include new releases, application-based security patches, operating system patches (critical, hot fixes, and service packs), scheduled maintenance, etc. 
Scheduled Outages will not be considered as downtime and shall not be included in calculation of monthly availability thereof.

Uncontrollable Outage – Whenever the Software application is unavailable due to causes beyond Zycus’s reasonable control, such as international internet outages, extreme weather conditions, acts of God, war, Licensee’s system issues, each such issues shall be referred as Uncontrollable Outages.
Periods of Uncontrollable Outage will not be included as downtime.

Unscheduled downtime will be included as downtime in monthly availability calculation.

The Monthly Availability calculation of the Software application shall be arrived at as follows:

  • Total Time of Monthly Availability = Total Time (24/7) less Scheduled Outage and Uncontrollable Outages
  • Percentage Monthly Availability = (Total Time of Monthly Availability less Unscheduled downtime) *100]/ (Total Time of Monthly Availability)

SLA Credits

Uptime availability SLA credits

Lythouse Software
Availability in a Calendar month
 Credit as % of monthly fees
 >98 % but <99%
>96 % but <98%
>94 % but <96%
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