Matt Mehalick

Head of Corporate Procurement at Immunomedics

What really stood out is their flexibility and collaboration. Also, the key is their experience in the sourcing arena. We've different demanding needs and they've been able to meet those needs in a short period of time. Looking forward to Zycus' AI is cutting edge technology. It's going to change the dynamics of the procurement world.

Mike Morsch

Vice President, Global Procurement at CDK Global

The thing that stood out for us for Zycus was having an integrated suite of products. With Zycus we were able to get the whole set of Source to settle or source to pay solutions that would help us set the groundwork for the future. We're excited about what Merlin can provide. We're thinking that the partnership we have with Zycus is going to provide us with a lot of things that we thought we'd have to do ourselves. We're also starting to look at other Merlin activities and we're getting very excited about it.

Ricardo Gaxiola

Senior Manager, Service Procurement at Constellation Brands

When we initially deployed this tool, Zycus didn’t have Spanish in their set of languages and this was one of the requirements at Constellation Brands for our operations in Mexico. So they decided to translate the whole modules of iAnalyze and iSource for internal usage and also for what the suppliers will be seeing and they made it in a record time and that was so impressive…

Steve Hughes

Chief Procurement Officer at College Board

After I joined College Board, it became evident to me that the tools that we had to work with, the information that was available and generally the user satisfaction was lacking and so it became my goal to try to provide a better user interface and experience for the customer, to provide better access to the data that would allow us to have actionable goals and then most importantly have tools that would replace manual processes and help us be more efficient.

Morgan Gandee

Belden, Director Global Indirect Procurement

As we look to go forward in the future with Zycus we see the development of the AI technology, as well as the bots in being able to leverage that within our buying process and contracting process, to streamline those activities and just make the overall user experience more effective and efficient.

Nicolás González

Mondelēz International, Associate Director Global Source to Contract

Our procurement goals are related to simplicity, we would like to make life of the buyer easier, and would like to have flawless Source To Contract processes, Sourcing and Contract Management and Zycus is helping us do that.

Cory Thwaites

TECOM Group, Executive Director Procurement

With Merlin as well as Dew Drops we can start taking the department to the next level, because the bots are very interesting to me. I am looking forward to see how they can add value to my business.

Ben Briggs

Group General Manager- Procurement and Supply,Crown Resorts Limited

One thing that stood out for me at Zycus is AI. AI is coming and I am excited about it! I am going to look at ways we introduce AI in our business processes so we can be faster, leaner, smarter and more profitable as a business.

Courtney K. Thompson

Supply Chain Process Analysis Leader, LG&E and KU Energy LLC

“With Zycus’ intuitive systems and knowledge of the procurement industry, we were able to perform procurement functions with ease and make the processes synchronized”.

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