April 4, 2022

Dear CEOs – here are 5 more things your CPOs can do for you

In this article, we discuss how Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs) can add value to their organizations by leveraging modern procurement technology. Here's a look at the most important points and how you, as CEOs can enable them.…
August 21, 2020
procurement best practices

5 Ways World-Class Procurement Organizations Get Quick Results

Learn 5 best practices by which world-class procurement organizations are getting quick results and what they are doing differently…
October 18, 2019
You Can't Miss these 7 European Procurement Best Practices

You Can’t Miss these 7 European Procurement Best Practices

In this article, we have sourced eight European Procurement Best Practices to help you game up your leadership in the domain. Read More.…

February 20, 2013

CPO Connect Europe 2013

As a part of ongoing initiative to comprehend and document procurement performance benchmarks, best practices and challenges around the globe, Zycus w…