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By Mahak Khushalani
Mar 19th, 2020
As the world battles the ongoing crisis caused due to novel coronavirus COVID-19, governments across the globe scramble to contain the spread of virus.
By Anam Qamar
Mar 11th, 2020
Learn the easiest way to integrate your system ERP with Merlin artificial intelligence suite with Zycus procurement solutions.
By Anam Qamar
Feb 18th, 2020
While spend analysis is just an example, AI, at its core, is automation and augmentation. As the procurement industry talks about AI in general & Merlin...
By Anam Qamar
Feb 7th, 2020
Artificial Intelligence goes hand in hand with Procurement in 2020! Learn how to use your Procurement Solution to manage your brand reputation better.
By Shivendra Tripathi
Dec 26th, 2019
This post aims to discover what seperates the world class procurement organizations from the average organizations with regards to procurement metrics.
By Anam Qamar
Oct 23rd, 2019
Zycus is back with the 11th edition of its Annual Flagship Conference Horizon 2019 in Belmond Charleston Place, South Carolina, 3rd to 5th November 2019. The topic for this year is Beyond Digitalization - The Dawn of Autonomous Procurement.
By aishika bhattacharya
Oct 18th, 2019
In this article, we have sourced eight European Procurement Best Practices to help you game up your leadership in the domain. Read More.
By Subhro Sen
Oct 17th, 2019
In this article, you will learn about five core drivers of end-to-end procurement automation and how they can transform your procurement function.
By Vaibhav Vaidya
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Oct 15th, 2019
In this article, you'll learn about the top four project management features and benefits that will help you gain a competitive advantage over your competitors. Read More.