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Accounts Payable Automation for Anomaly and Fraud Detection

Safeguarding AP processes with Zycus’ AI-powered Account Payable Automation

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The Benefits of Anomaly and Fraud Detection

Uncover Phantom Vendors Before Damage

Advanced algorithms to analyze vendor data, flagging anomalies and phantom vendors before they create a financial mess.

Secured Vendor Communication

Get alerts on suspicious activities, helping to secure your vendor communications and reduce fraudulent email instructions for bank detail changes.

Fortify Against Phishing Scams

Minimize the risk of falling victim to phishing scams, protecting your company's financial assets and staying a step ahead of the cybercriminals.

Eliminate Duplicate Invoice Payments

Flags duplicate invoices based on invoiced items, ensuring you only pay what you owe and not worry about paying the same invoice twice.

Identify Unusual Buying Patterns

Detect anomalies in your company's buying patterns, allowing you to take corrective actions before they become costly mistakes and keep your procurement efficient and cost-effective.

Zycus Differentiators for Anomaly and Fraud Detection

Phantom Vendor Identification

Automated anomaly detection technology helps identify and prevent fraudulent payments by flagging any vendors that do not match the authorized vendor Iist

Duplicate Invoice Detection

Al-led scanning of every invoice to identify and flag potential duplicates, helping prevent overpayments and save time.

Vendor Email and Signature Verification

Al-led email and signature verification ensures that all communications with vendors are legitimate, preventing phishing and other emailbased scams.

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Why Leading Enterprises Love Zycus!

North American health insurer achieves 98% accuracy in invoice data extraction with Zycus

Leading business solutions provider drives procurement efficiency with Zycus’ AI-powered solutions

Global automobile manufacturer transforms invoice processing with Zycus Merlin AI suite


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