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Integrate Zycus’ AP Automation Solution with Ease

Zycus integrates seamlessly with multiple ERPs and financial systems avoiding expensive IT deployment

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Zycus’ Integration with ERPs and Other Financial Systems

Seamlessly and securely integrate with over multiple ERP systems overcoming IT interoperability challenges

Faster Integration

80% faster integration with ERP systems through Zycus’ innovative offering, iSaaS.

Streamline P2P Process

One stop shop for all P2P needs across ERP, E-procurement, APIA module and payment gateway.

Seamless Integration Across Your Technology Landscape

Why Zycus?

Integration effort reduction at the customer's end

Integration maintenance owned by Zycus

Rapid Deployment

Zycus' open architecture ensures swift integration deployment

Low Maintenance

The total cost and time of maintaining integration is much lower as compared to other system.

Minimal Disruptions

Integration limited to essential processes based on customer needs ensuring business continuity.

Explore Zycus AP Automation Solution​

Key Benefits with iSaaS

Low Total Cost of Ownership

80% reduction in customer efforts.

Enhanced Flexibility

Customization across multiple ERP generations.

Agile Integration

Eliminates sequential dependency.

Rapid Value Realization

Timeline acceleration for faster Go-live.

Real-time Integration Platform

Real-time data transform and visibility

Integrating Procurement Functions with Zycus’ S2P Solution

A Leading US-based Insurance Company Dissolves Data Silos by Integrating Procurement Functions with Zycus’ S2P Solution.

leading Us Based Insurance Company

Why Leading Enterprises Love Zycus!

North American health insurer achieves 98% accuracy in invoice data extraction with Zycus

Leading business solutions provider drives procurement efficiency with Zycus’ AI-powered solutions

Global automobile manufacturer transforms invoice processing with Zycus Merlin AI suite


Navigate through and come out stronger from a recession with AI-powered AP automation

Assess your e-invoicing maturity against peers and plan for effective change management

A CFO’s guide to procurement and invoice management benchmarking

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