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Don’t Chase Your Own Re-tail: Why Retail Procurement Officers Must Automate

The retail industry is undergoing massive changes in response to changing consumer needs and supply chain crises. Procurement teams have been busy firefighting and cost-containing during crises but are now in a position to rebuild. How can you ensure your organization stays on shelves and in customers’ carts? Automate!

Our white paper contains:-

  • 4 Trends Shaping Retail Procurement Transformation.
  • 4 Key Hurdles That Impede Retail Organizations.
  • A Digital Transformation Roadmap – Are You Ready To Take The Plunge?
  • 4 Benefits Zycus’ S2P Suite offers to your organization.
  • 4 Cases where organizations like yours have reaped said benefits!

About Zycus

Zycus is the pioneer in Cognitive Procurement software and has been a trusted partner of choice for large global enterprises for two decades. Zycus has been consistently recognized by Gartner, Forrester, and other analysts for its Source to Pay integrated suite. Zycus powers its S2P software with the revolutionary Merlin AI Suite. The Merlin AI Suite is designed to help source-to-pay professionals transform their organizations through the power of artificial intelligence. With Zycus’ S2P software, enterprises can achieve greater efficiencies and cost savings, while also gaining insight into their spending patterns. In addition, the Merlin AI Suite provides users with predictive analytics, which can help them to make better sourcing decisions. As a result, Zycus is uniquely positioned to help enterprises transform their procurement operations through the power of artificial intelligence

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