Ardent Partners’ CPO Rising 2019 Report: #ValueExpansion


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Ardent Partners’ CPO Rising 2019 Report: #ValueExpansion

CPO Rising 2019 Report: #ValueExpansion is the annual CPO-themed research study, published by Ardent Partners. 2019 is the fourteenth year that Ardent’s Founder and Chief Research Officer, Andrew Bartolini, has published the report. The report talks about the “state of” the industry, highlights the challenges and opportunities for procurement to achieve next-level performance.

The report draws on the experiences and perspectives of more than 300 Chief Procurement Officers and other procurement executives and gives readers a view into the state of the procurement industry in 2019. It also includes benchmark statistics, analysis, and recommendations that procurement teams can use to understand the state of procurement today, gain insight into best practices, benchmark their performance against the Best-in-Class, and ultimately improve their operations and performance.

This will help you learn about:

  • The current state of procurement & how it has changed
  • What procurement professionals can expect in 2019
  • Strategies for how to make your procurement organization more successful this year

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