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The Buck Starts Here: Building a Winning Business Case to Transform P2P

Digitizing transactional, Procure-to-Pay business processes is a means to an end for many CPOs – the necessary pre-requisite to freeing up scarce Procurement resources to be able to focus more on strategic pursuits, by automating core P2P transactions. But completing the metamorphosis from tactical to strategic will require a robust business case and implementation roadmap for P2P transformation.

Curtiss-Wright, a venerable and diversified Manufacturer which traces its’ origins back to the Wright Brothers who were among the original founders, assessed that inefficiencies in Procure-to-Pay had resulted in imbalanced resource allocation, to the extent that Procurement resources were spending 80% of their time on just 5% of the total spend.

This webinar will focus on best practices for creating and executing a business case for P2P transformation, featuring a case study that highlights the “flight plan” Curtiss-Wright followed to transform P2P and arrive at a more strategic destination for Procurement by:

  • Developing a robust business case based on enhanced spend management, contract compliance, and cash management capabilities
  • Obtaining C-Level buy-in and support for the transformation initiative
  • Partnering between Procurement and Finance to lead the transformation
  • Creating a phased implementation strategy to address complex organizational and systems infrastructure challenges
  • Executing the P2P solution implementation while addressing associated change management challenges
  • Documenting transformation results and tracking key success metrics



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