Procurement Software for Energy & Utilities

The robustness of the energy & utility industry is increasingly uncertain with all indicators pointing to slower growth in demand, tighter capital and heightened competition.

Given this squeeze between mandated investments and flat-line growth, cutting costs is no longer an option, but a requirement for survival. Continuous cost regulation is the best way to ensure that savings earned in the first year are not lost in the second and requires a long-term focus with continuous assessment and accountability. This will enable the CPO to develop absolute clarity of a company’s performance relative to its peers.

  • Creating comprehensive and cross-company purchasing programs can give utilities more bargaining power and steeper volume discounts to reduce their procurement bills.
  • Create a transparent process of procurement and gain visibility across the company and setup savings targets accordingly.

In today’s ever increasing demand for energy & utilities and a regulatory support for non-carbon based sources and alternate or cleaner energy sources will require companies to meet these aggregating technological and public policy developments at a declining cost.

To deal with the growing demand on smarter grids, achieve efficiencies and process improvements, companies will be required to adopt the right technology and the right partner who can help derive maximum value from supply chain and lead to continuous cost regulation in the company.


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Energy & Utilities Industry Challenges

There are potential “game changers” to the energy & utility industry.

And these changes are likely to dramatically impact customers, employees, investors, and the availability of capital to fund future investment. The timing of such transformative changes will never be known, but with the potential for technological innovation becoming economically viable due to increasing customer arguments and regulation, procurement specialists will need access to power and knowledge to proactively assess the impacts and alternatives available to address these disruptive challenges in a timely manner.

  • Falling costs of distributed generation and distributed energy resources and enhanced focus on development of new distributed energy resources will impact revenues.
  • Government programs to incentivize selected technologies will increase cost.
  • Increasing customer, regulatory, and political interest in use of demand side management technologies will influence cross subsidies and net metering obligations and thus incur implementation costs.
  • Capital expenditures required to upgrade the grid are increasing, pushing up costs as utilities replace aging infrastructure and enhance the capabilities of their systems.

How We Can Help

Our next generation customized source-to-pay procurement suite with Artificial Intelligence technology platforms can help you streamline your procurement function with an enterprise-wide strategic and operational road map.

In crafting a continuous cost regulation plan, procurement teams need to weigh the pros and cons of each savings area, monetize the savings and track the impact on the company’s profit and loss statements. Your team will be able to gain comprehensive visibility across the upstream and downstream procurement activities with a robust, secure and paperless network and take advantage of tangible and intangible prospects.

  • Access timely, accurate, complete, and detailed spend data with our automated SPEND ANALYSIS solution improving compliance and reducing cycle times & helping you find new areas of savings and gain complete insight into the spend cube with real time global commodity market intelligence tracking to achieve best-in-class capital spend. Read More
  • Our Intelligent “STRATEGIC SOURCING” solution enables you to focus on the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) incorporating customer needs, organizational goals, and market conditions and getting the best goods or service at the best value driven by a rigorous and collaborative approach & addresses all levers for savings enabling you to take decisions built on fact based analysis and market intelligence driven opinions. Read More
  • Reduce cycle time for supplier performance measurement and increase internal/external participation, transparency and credibility of metrics and drive continuous improvement in supplier performance with our SUPPLIER MANAGEMENT solution. Easily access qualitative/subjective data inputs from stakeholders and take advantage of the automatic influence of these inputs from our intelligent system to examine supplier relationships across the entire organization in a real time manner. Read More
  • Use our automated and intelligent CONTRACT MANAGEMENT solution to analyze and minimize contract related risk and meet statutory requirements with ease. Empower your procurement teams to effectively manage contracts across the contract lifecycle realizing improvements in internal stakeholder satisfaction and gain control over savings. Read More
  • Elevate your source-to-pay organization performance by effective real-time monitoring and measurement of savings and realizing its impact on the bottom line with our highly integrated FINANCIAL SAVINGS MANAGEMENT tool which enables budget preparation, savings forecasting, savings-tracking, reporting and capture of ROI. Read More
  • Deliver an accelerated rate of investments, monitor and manage on-contract vendor commitments and workflow approvals while being faster and going paper-less with our secure and seamless PROCURE-TO-PAY solution increasing efficiency and control from the point of order through the point of payment.
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